Dilution and Carrier Oils
As a rule, always dilute essential oils before applying to skin!

Carrier Type Basic Uses Absorption 0 = Fast 5 = Slow Pore Clogging 0=Rarely Clogs 5=Avoid Comments
Almond Sweet Oil The Number One Carrier Oil. Universal favorite. Massage, lotions, creams. Blends well with other oils. 4 2 AKA Sweet Almond Oil. Not for those with nut allergies. Consider a test patch.
Apricot Kernel Oil One of the Best Carrier Oils. Easily absorbed, rich, light, moisturizing. 2 2 Best for very dry skin and aging skin.
Aloe Vera Oil Long history in formulas for restoring tissues Varies Varies Base oil with macerated aloe.
Argan Oil Dry skin, dry scalp, hair styling, rashes, bug bits, razor burn, lips, total body. 1 0 Favorite if prone to a From a Moroccan fruit tree. Very popular.
Avocado Oil Useful for wrinkled, aged, dry and fragile skin. Best for nighttime use. Though thick, it is known to penetrate and may soften dry skin. 4 2 Avoid with latex allergies. The darker the oil, the richer and less processed. Has a scent if unrefined. Do not store in fridge.
Babassu Oil Often found in itchy skin formulas and hair products. Better product life than palm oil. Not greasy low Can be hard at cold temps. A special Brazilian palm.
Baobab Oil Found in skin tone and skin soften blends. 2 From the amazing African Tree of Life
Beeswax Generally a thickener in creams and lotions. Hydrates. Lip balms. 2 Often used 1:5 with another carrier oil.
Black Currant High GLA(said to delay gaining) Often used 1:5 with another carrier oil.
Blueberry Seed Oil Oils are used in some varicose vein formulas and on dry, rough skin. Massage oil.
Borage Seed Oil High GLA and found in some formulas for damaged dry skin, maybe eczema, psoriasis, RA, stretch marks. Used in formulas for lifeless, stressed, aging and lined skin, too. 5 2 Uplifting scent. Do not use if there is a history of epilepsy or seizures. Do not store in a fridge. Consider using at 1:5 ratio.
Buriti Oil High in beta Carotenes South American palm oil.
Calendula Oil Sometimes in anti-inflammatory formulas. Absorbs easily in the skin. 1 AKA Marigold. Usually already diluted.
Camellia Seed Oil Thick oil used for the face and in blends. From Camellia Tea Plant.
Candelila Wax Cosmetics, ointments, polishes. Alternative to beeswax.
Canola Oil Massage. AKA Rapeseed.
Carnauba Wax The hardest wax. Used in deodorants, lipsticks, depilatories, and as emulsifier. Type of Brazilian palm
Cashew Nut Massage oil Used in 1:5 ratio with other carrier
Castor Oil Amazing skin moisturizer. Very thick and "waterproof." Used in wraps for joint pain. Popular in Ashtanga yoga practice for once a week body application. also used in oil skin cleansing methods. 1 Very tacky feel, sometimes hard to remove. Small amounts of 5%-10% can be blended with other oils well. Caution about internal use.