Returns Policy

We value your satisfaction with your purchases from Herbie’s. If you are not satisfied, see our on-duty Assistant Manager.

Just as you would not want a returned perishable or used product resold to you, Herbie’s cannot accept for returns of opened, used, frozen, or refrigerated products including probiotics.

A valid receipt is required for all adjustments but requests for adjustments must be received within 30 days of the original purchase subject to management’s approval.

If the product is not in its original packaging, is or is not giving some benefit that is that is beyond the specific product claims, does not have a scannable UPC, is meant to be chilled, is discontinued by Herbie's, or is damaged or used, returns and adjustments are not accepted. Some of our vendors provide product guarantees and we will happily honor commitments from vendors with whom we have these extended partnerships on returns. Ultimately, if you have a valid receipt and a product that is otherwise not returnable, management may need more details before an adjustment decision is made. If you have any disputes about our returns policy or if our Assistant Manager is unsure of the best answers, we have a written request form and can address on a business day in the office.


Herbie’s Gift Card:

Refunds or cash back on purchases of Herbie’s Gift Cards are not available.   If you return a product with a receipt that requires an exceptional circumstance, a Herbie’s Gift Card may be issued at the discretion of management.


Credit Card Purchases: 

You may opt to receive a credit against the original charge account on eligible returns with a receipt or receive a Herbie’s Gift Card as an option.


Check Refunds: 

When you pay by check and have a qualifying return with a receipt, a cash, check, or Herbie’s Gift Card option is possible only after 10 days from the date of the original purchase to permit time for your check to clear your bank.


Debit Card:

Qualifying debit card refunds with a receipt will be issued either as a cash refund or as a credit back to the original debit card.


Cash Purchases:

Qualifying cash purchases with a receipt are eligible for cash back at the discretion of management for items under $25. Larger amounts are generally provided on a Herbie’s Gift Card but may require approval of Upper Management. 


No Adjustments are possible without a receipt or on any sale after 30 days since the purchase.

Our Full Returns Policy is also on our webpage